"Backlight area control" and "Area contrast control" "DR" series "Embryo" course "P" series "R" series "Rice polishing degree sensor" "VC-NXS1 "White rice fresh" course + 10 skip 10 minutes washing course 1000 W saving mode 1300 W high speed boiling 2 microphone noise cancellation 2.1ch configuration 2021 energy conservation standard 24 - hour reservation timer 3-stage output switching 3-STAR BISTRO 3-state Bitstream 3-step roughness adjustment 30 degree sharp angle nano-edge inner blade 360 degree open design 3D-LUT 4 steps tilt stand 40mm Triple Neodymium Magnet Driver Unit 43BM620X 4K 4K BRAVIA 4K compatible 4K Fine Remaster Engine 4K high brightness IPS panel 4K high luminance IPS panel 4K LCD TV 4K Master Up Convert 4K Real Chroma Processor 4K ULTRA HD Blu-ray 4K up-conversion function 4K VIERA FX600 4K VIERA FX750 4K X - Reality PRO 4T smart massage 4T-C43AM1 4T-C50AM1 4T-C60AM1 4T-C70AU1 5-year health management system 5.1ch speaker package 50M520X 55BM620X 5D active suspension 65M520X 7 days partial 80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET 9 cm CST driver 90 degree reversal monitoring mechanism A-B repeat A-YSTII Method AAC codec About 45 degree blow-down louver Abundantly baking ACQ-X020 Active plasma ion Active S-DD motor ADC-A060 ADC-B060 aderans Advanced D.C.A.C. AH1000 AIoT cloud AIoT cloud service Air dust catcher Air Massage All punching metal Amazon Alexa Amazon Echo Android TV Anhydrous cooking Anywhere DIGA apt-X codec aptX AQUOS 4K AQUOS 4K Smart Engine PRO Area contrast control ARK FORM AROUND SPEAKER SYSTEM ART & INTERIOR Artificial Intelligence system AS-790 AS-X22G AS-X25G AS-X28G AS-X40G2 AS-X80G2 AS-XS22H AS-XS25H AS-XS28H AS-XS40H AS-XS56H2 AS-XS63H2 AS-XS71H2 ASEAN Assist installation ATH-M50 ATH-M50xRD ATOK for pomera audio-technica Aurex Series Auto lift up & stop function Auto Scene Select Automatic answering button Automatic Cleaning Power Unit Automatic cooking Automatic dry duct cleaning Automatic English wordbook Automatic guard function Automatic ice-making function Automatic ingredients injection case and automatic yeast injection case Automatic power off function automatic swing function AVC-X8500H AX-AS400 AX-AS500 AX-AW400 AX-AW500 AX-CA400 AX-HR2 AX-XW500 Axial-Acoustic 2Way Speaker System ball-shaped spiral grille BALMUDA Banko Yaki Bass boost mode Bass Extension bass reflex mechanism Bayonet locking mechanism Bazooka Audio System BC-810 BC-811 BD-NV110B BD-NX120B BD-SV110B BDZ-FT2000 BDZ-FT3000 BDZ-FW2000 BDZ-FW500 BDZ-ZW2500 Beard Raising Fin Beard sensor Beauty Mode Below the freezing point Stocker Best Innovation 50 Bi-Directional ADS port bic camera Big fire danced rice cooking BiomechEngine Blue Edge LED Blue Gray Bluetooth re-master Bluetooth standard codec SBC BluetoothR Body Antifouling Processing Boiled barley BR-WA10 brain Brain English BRAVIA Brightness interlocking HDR BS/CS 4K recordable tuner BT-AG05 built-in microphone Cable adjuster cado Cafe Sweets Course Calorie weighing CASIO CB-BA CCAW voice coil CD high resolution remaster CD Radio Cassette Cellulose fiber resin Center layout vegetable room Ceramic coating CFD-S401 Channel Pong Chromecast built-in Cinema pro mode circulator Circulator Eye Class D Class D amplifier Clean sensor Cleaning notification lamp Clear Pix Engine 4K HDR Clear resolution enhancer Clearly loud volume Clothes drying mode Club Exword COCORO AIR COCORO KITCHEN COCORO VISION cocotas Coffee maker Coffee Tsu Cold mist Collagen Ion Hair Dryer Color fidelity correction circuit Combined cooking Comfort air current Compact high power fan motor R Content Delivery Service for AQUOS Continuous drainage Continuous playback cook anhydrously Cooking sweet rice course Cool feeling plus Cordless electric hot-water supply Cordless Leg Reflation CP-CA12 CPN CPRM CR-N775 Crank Duct Bass-reflex CS150 Curry mode Cut carbohydrates CV-H180 CV-J120-W CV-J180-W CV-J71-W CV-WB22 CV-WB30 Cyber Relax Massage Chair Cyclone Stream Head Cyclone wave heating D&M Holdings D&M Holdings Inc. D-012EXT D-112NFX d-design D-T1 DAC AK 4490 DAIKIN Daikin APP Daiseikai Dark part gradation smoother David Sain DAZN DBR-T1008 DBR-T2008 DBR-T3008 DBR-W1008 DBR-W2008 DBR-W508 DDC-50 Deep rib filter Delicious Frozen DENON Denon High Current Transistor Denon Virtual Surround Deodorant drying desiccant type dehumidifier Design series Detachable body Detergent and dirt sensor system DHT-S316 Diagonally behind 20 degree airflow Dialogue enhancer Diet mode Diet Trainer Core Dietary fiber rice mode DIGA Digital 5 changer digital convenience Digital Paper App for mobile Digital pitch control Digital V.O.R Direct LED backlight DKHS-351 DKHS-352 DKHS-3521 DLC dome dual carbon diaphragm DM-750 DMR-BRS530 DMR-BRT1030 DMR-BRT530 DMR-UBZ1030 DMR-UBZ2030 Dolby Atmos Dome type housing DON QUIJOTE DOSHISHA double IH heat source Double scraping brush Double speed liquid crystal technology Double Window double-swinging doors DP-400 DP-450USB DPT-CP1 DPT-RP1 Dry carbon DT-C1000 DTS Virtual: X DTS: X DTS: XR DTS:XTM DTV DUAL BLASTER dual chamber structure housing Dual database analysis Dual port bass reflex type bazooka woofer Dust block pre-filter Dust station DVD-S500 DVD-VR CPRM DY-RM35 E Ink E-BALANCE e-onkyo downloader E2000C E3000C EA-FA10 Easily Sucking and Wiping Head Set Easy connection with TV Easy pizza and bread easy-to-see backlight Easy-to-use child nozzle EB-RM33A EC-AR2S EC-AR2SX EC-FW18 EC-RS40 EC-XA30 EC-YS100 ECLEAR refree on Eco cook menu eco mode ECONAVI ECS-TU49R ECS-TU55R Eevee's company tour Effect Sensation Mode EH-NA99 EH-NA9A EH-ST86 EHP-DH1000A EL-MA30 EL-MB30 ELECOM electronic program guide ELSONIC Energy Save Compressor Energy saving mode English composition board English Conversation Learning Machine Enzyme Prefilter EOT-R1001 EPH-W53 EQ-SA22 ERC-283 ERN-1100UA-WK ES-CV70 ES-G111 ES-LV5C ES-LV5D ES-LV7C ES-LV7D ES-LV9C ES-LV9CX ES-LV9D ES-LV9DX ES-MC31 ES-P110 ES-PU11B ES-ST2Q ES-ST6Q ES-ST8Q ES-U111 ES-WH95 ES-WP80 ET-GM30 Everyone's reservation ranking EW-NA31 EW-RA38 EX-word EX-word RISE EX780 Exercise mode F-MV1500 F-MV3000 FAMILY INADA Far infrared heater Far-infrared earthen kamado FBR-HX2000 FBR-HX3000 fe-kxf15 FE-KXP20 FE-KXP23 FI-E2DALC FI-E2DALCS FI-E3DSSC File division function File splitting function Filter washed at once FL-65UA6000 FL-65UD4100 FLAC Flat Cooling System Floor heating combined use FM complementation broadcast FM supplementary broadcast FMCLPN5500 Foam Through Head Four balls massage mecha Four-stage thermal power adjustment Fragrance mode Frameless glass panel Free access design Free dial guard function Freezing partially Fresh Sleep Vegetable Chambe Freshness sensing FRONT OPEN SOUND SYSTEM PLUS Frozen rice mode FU-JK50 FUJIIRYOKI FUJITSU GENERAL full-fledged language learning FUNAI Connect FUNAI ELECTRIC Fungal barrier Gabatori power nozzle GAME BOY Genre search reservation GEO GH-TV50A-BK GH-TV50AB-BK Glass Fiber PA Sound Diffuser Gokuboso goodness of analog Google Assistant Google Assistant built-in GR-M15BS GR-M17BS GR-M41G GR-M41GXV GRAND X Graphene GREEN HOUSE Groove cable Gua sha H/C Beaute HA-ET870BV HA-FD01 HA-FD02 Hagama Half mirror glass hand-roughens Hands-free calling handy washing machine Harmo HCM-PH01 HDR X1 HDR10 HEALSIO healthy food drier Heat Recycle Wind Iron Big Drum Heat retaining function Heat sealing earthen pot coating heat shock protein Heat-sealed earthen pot coating Heater built-in pocket HEOS application HEOS HomeCinema HEOS Technology Hexa Chroma Drive Hexa Chroma Drive PLUS Hi-Fi component High brightness correspondence color correction processing High Concentration Plasmacluster 25000 High luminance correspondence color correction processing High purity unleaded high quality sound solder High-performance digital microphone high-position tape High-Resolution Audio HITACHI HLG HM-C610S HNDELB01 home appliances harmonized with interior home theater HOME THEATER CONTROLLER Hon Hagama Series Hot water injection House dust detection sensor Howling cancellation HPH-W300 HR-E915PW HT-S100F HT-S200F HT-ST5000 HT-X9000F HT-Z9F Hu Hu Hu Hulu Human hand air bag hyaluronic acid Hybrid air current Hybrid airflow Hybrid drying Hybrid Log-Gamma Hybrid nano coating Hybrid nanocoating hypochlorous acid IB-HP9 IB-HX9K ICD-TX800 ICZ-R110 IH daily hot plate that does not need to be tidied up IHC-TM141 IK-C300 IMB-RT17 Inside drying Installation of air curtain Installation of circulation INSTANT TECHNOLOGY ION EFFECTOR Ion head IP67 waterproofing IPX 6/7 IPX5 IR repeater IRISOHYAMA IS-500SKR itouch function J concept series J mount nozzle replacement system janome Japanese food 50 selections Japanese health equipment manufacturer Japanese home appliance Japanese home appliances JBS-360 JD-S08CL JD-S08CW Jonetsu Kakaku Plus Jounetsu Kakaku Plus joy study JPCL-14425-WHBR JPE-A100 JPE-A101 JPE-A10Z JPE-A180 JPE-A181 JPE-B100 JPE-B101 JPE-B180 JPE-B181 JPH-A101 JPJ-A060 JVC KENWOO JVC KENWOOD JY-L02 JY-S01 K's Denki Kake Buton Kamado Masters Course Kansai University karaoke Kararie KIK-C510 Katori Kusei KAX-X130 KBD-X100 KBY-A100 KH-KZ3000 KH-KZ3000ANV KI-HP100 KI-HS4 KI-HS50 KI-HS70 KI-HX75 KI-JP100 KI-JS50 KI-JS70 KI-JX75 KIC-SLDC4-R KING JIM Kirigamine Z series Kiwane KJ-24W450E KJ-32W500E KJ-55X7500F KJ-65X9000F KJ-85X8500F KN-HT99B KN-HW16D Kodawari Marugoto Recording Kojien Kojien the seventh edition KONGARI CLUB Kotatsu Koto Square KRC-IC30 KRC-IC50 Kurukuru Wash KZ-CX1 KZ-GD1-W lamdash Large font remote control LBT-HPC1000 LBT-HPC1000RC LC-50US5 LC-60UH5 LCARBRCK LEAF 120 Leave everything Voice LED Navi Light Light touch Navi Lincs D-Amp III Linear motor high speed drive liquid crystal polymer Load Adaptive Phase Calibration Low-frequency course LS-P4 lupinus M SERIES Magnet mounting Magnetic Turbo Axial Port Maxell MC-PA100G MC-RSC10 MC-SBU310J MC-SBU410J MC-SBU620J MC-SBU820J MC-SR560G MC55U MCK40U MCK55U MCK70U MDR-1A MDR-1AM2 MDR-Z1R Meikyou Japanese Language Dictionary MEMS type MFB-E3300 MHP-R102 Micro high pressure wash Micro spray Micromechanical unit Mie Prefecture mini-component minimaru minimaru AI Mitsubishi Electric Mochi barley Mochi-yaki net Moisture cover Moisture keeping and low temperature refrigeration Mold Barrier Molds guard Move Eye mirA.I. MP3 re-master MPF07VS-W MR-CX27C MR-MX50D MR-MX57D MR-WX52A MR-WX52C Mr. Ethan Alipova MS-YS3 MSZ-ZW2218 Mugimeshi Multi-Fit Arc Blade Mushroom attachment Music Enhancer MusiCut for Denon MXAP-AR50 MXAP-ARS50 MXAP-ARS51 MXH-GD100 MXH-GD200 MXH-GD300 MXH-GD50 My Home Cooking My SAPO function My Sound Settings My Voice Canceling N-Black panel N-LED beam N-LED Sonic AD-HR01 NA-VX9800L NA-VX9800R Name confirmation button Nano Care nano-sized mist nanoe Nanoe X NE-BS1400 NE-BS1500 NE-JBS653 NE-JBS654 neodymium magnet New drama and animation guide NEW MICLOSS New Moisture Control Filter New Program Automatic Recording NI-WL404 NI-WL704 Night mode No additives and gluten-free bread No-hole Tub nocria select TM nocria X nocria XS nojima NP-SA10 NP-SS10 NP-TH1 NP-TR9 NR-E454PX NR-F552XPV NR-F603HPX NR-F654HPX NR-JD5103V NS-B40 NS-C40 NS-F40 NS-P41 NS-PA41 NS-SW050 Nuisance phone rejection function NW-KA10 NW-KA18 NW-SA10 NW-ZX300 OGAWA COFFEE Oliso Smart Iron OLYMPUS Olympus Audio Controller BT Omakase Nocria Omakase recording One push recording one-tone unisex design One-touch Mix Play ONKYO Opening for sprinkling ORION Osaka Osamu Takeuchi Otomo OTTAVA f SC-C70 Ouchi Cloud DIGA Outline function oven toaster Over Dubbing OZONEO Ozoneo Stick panasonic Panasonic Media Access Panasonic Music Streaming paper pack type Passion Price Passive radiator Past-Future program guide PC direct connection PCF-KSC151 PCF-KSC151T PCJ-A081 PCJ-A101 PCM Recorder Phase Matching Bass Boost Photoclea system Picture subtitles listening Picyon-kun Pioneer Pivot motion support Plasma Air Cleaning Plasma cluster Plasma cluster Ion plasmacluster Plasmacluster 25000 Plasmacluster NEXT Platinum fluorine processing inner container pm 2.5 Pocket translation machine Pokemon Center Pokemon pedometer Pokemon Red / Green Pokémon GO Pollen care course POMERA DM200 POMERA DM30 pomera QR code reader Posing assist bar Potential shift method POTHETFF Power quick slit blade Power saving mode Powerful Mosquito Capturing Mode Powerful self-propelled nozzle Pre-care head Premium Clean Pressure reheating plus Pressure variable control Private VIERA Pronunciation judgment function Push de Pon PW-SA5 PW-SB5 PW-SH4 PW-SH5 PW-SJ5 Qualcomm aptX audio Questionnaire about thawing Quick mode Quiet mode R-HW52J R-HW60J R-XG4300H R-XG4800H R-XG5100H R-XG5600H R-XG6200H R-XG6700H RACTIVE Air radiko Raku curl Rakutoru power head Rakuwaza free grip Random mode Rapid heat carbon heater RAS-E225DR RAS-E405DR RATOC Systems RC-10VSM RC-10VXM RC-10ZWK RC-10ZWL RC-10ZWM RC-18VSM RC-18VXM RCD-M41 RCDH-T3501E REC Remote Rechargeable active stylus pen Record after warning RECORD PLAYER REGZA REGZA Blu-Ray REGZA Combination High Quality REGZA ENGINE Evolution REGZA portable player REGZA Power Audio Reliable lamp function Removable water tank Rene cat photocatalyst Reserved cooking Residue Filter Resume function REX-WFIREX2 Rhythm moisture mode Rich Color Technology Pro ricopa Rinnai risora RN-24SH10 RN-32SH10 Rolled barley Room Jump Link roommate ROSE GOLD Rotating brush RP-BTS35 RP-BTS55 RP-HDE1 RP-HDE1M RP-HTX70 RP-HTX80B RS-WFIREX3 RSS-BA51 RULO RULO mini Runspect RV-EX1 S'NEXT S-52W S-Force Pro front surround SA-Z9R Saku Huwa Toast SANWA SUPPLY SBC codec SC-GA10 SC-HC1000 SC-HC2000 SC-HC400 SC-RS60 Scraping brush SD-P1010S Seasonal changeover function Seating surface massage mecha SeeQVault SeeQVault (TM) Separate Block Construction Sesame grater Seven-stage of thermal power control Sewing machine Shadowing playback SHARP Sharp's AIoT cloud service Shiki Buton Shining Touch Navi SHKD-351 SHKD-352 SHKD-3521 Short-time cooking Shower drip Silencer equipped air pump Silicon carbide Silver Shari Normal siri Site Concentration Technique skin detection sensor SKS-6900 SMART CUBE Smart touch panel Smartphone De REGZA Smooth Roller SMR-10 Snack with Alcohol Course SOFO 35338 SOFO 35339 SoftBank Commerce & Service Soil pot bubbles Sole Heater Sole massage like finger pressure SONY SONY STORE sound bar Sound jump link compatible Sound Manager Sound suppression mode SP-BS22 SP-C22 SP-FS52 SP-T22A Space saving large capacity Space Tune Speak Me TW30A Speed Circulation Airflow Speed Dash Heating Spiral dry air flow Spot heating mode Spot Refrigeration SpotifyR Square bread Square design SR-JW057 SR-JX056 SR-VSX108 SR-VSX109 SR-VSX188 SR-VSX189 SR-VSX9 SRS-WS1 Stainless mesh filter Stainless server with thermos bottle structure STAN. Series Static balance S-shaped tone arm Static capacitive touch panel system steam & variable pressure IH jar rice cooker, Steam convection Steam high-speed course Steam-less structure steamed meat cooking STEM 620 sterilization deodorizer Stick to cooking stick type cordless vacuum cleaner STR-DH590 STR-DH790 STREAMER Sugutoru Burashi Super Area Call Super delicious menu superheated steam TAFCOT TAFU filter Takitate takoyaki Takoyaki machine Takoyaki Plate TANITA Tanita Online Shop Taste Meister TC-E261S TCD5100 Technical Audio Devices Laboratories Technics Technics Music App Tekwind TESCOM TF-FA75 TF-FA75S TF-FA75W TG1600 TH-24ES500 TH-32ES500 TH-43FX600 TH-49FX600 TH-55FX600 TH-55FX750 TH-65EZ1000 TH-65FX780 TH-77EZ1000 thanko the 70th anniversary model of KENWOOD The Clear Surround The voice recognition adjustment function Theater Black series Thermal course THERMOS Tiger Tiger Press Titanium coated grill dish Titanium coated mesh filter TOEIC test countermeasure Torahime Tornado Press TORNEO V cordless TOSHIBA TOSHIBA HOME TECHNOLOGY TOSHIBA LIFESTYLE Touch sensor control Training mode Treasure casket TRESMIC Trimming function Triple Mecha Trunk muscle mode TT-4K100 Tukitate Fuhmi TV Remote 2 TV Remote 2 Simple Mode TW-117V6 TW-117X6 TWINBIRD Twisted Flare Port Twisted port two illuminant lamps Two-stage drying two-stage wide drying TY-AH1 TY-AK1 TY-CX700 UD-AF1 UH5 line Ultimate heat retention Ultra Fine Bubble Ultra HD Premium Ultrasonic diaphragm ultrasonic horn ultrasonic humidifier Ultrasonic Washer UN-15TD8 UN-19Z1 UniAuto Up-convert function Upper fire grill US5 line UW-A2 UW-S2 V-shaped brush Vacuum chilled Vacuum chilled HW series Vacuum heat retention Vacuum structure stainless steel server Vacuum α technology Variable pressure danced rice cooking Variable W pressure cooking VC-CL1400 VC-CL1500 VC-CL400 VC-CL500 VC-NX series VC-NX1 VC-NX2 VC-NXS2 Vegeta Vegetable direct freeze Vertical Surround Engine Vertical tornado system Video & TV SideView VIERA VIERA ES500 Village Vanguard Voice mode Voice Only Playback Voice-Trek VR format W area control W copper 5 layered far infrared thick pot W danced rice cooking W Double Shaki Shaki Vegetable Chamber W head base W IH of bottom and side W Odori-taki W Shaki Shaki vegetable room W Shakishaki Vegetable Room Wakuko Wall suction rubber Warm water extreme washing course Warm-up eco function Warm-up mode Washing with smartphone Water Absorbing Filter wearable neck speaker Weighing and cooking mode WG-S30 WG-S50 White rice menu Whole body stretching function Wide FM WM-EC55W Wonderful Open Works with Alexa X-tended Dynamic Range PRO X1 Extreme X9000F series XD-C400 XD-SR20000 XD-SR380 XD-SR4800 XD-SR6500 XD-SR7100 XD-SR7200 XD-SR7300 XD-SR7400 XD-SR7500 XD-SR7600 XD-SR7700 XD-SR8500 XD-SR9800 XD-SR9850 XD-Z3800 XD-Z4800 XD-Z6500 XD-Z8500 XDR-56TV XDR-63TV XDR-64TV XDR-B20 XUF YA-MAN Yakitate YAMAHA YAMAZEN YAS-108 Yodobashi Camera YOF-W012E YOF-W120 Yokkaichi Bankoyaki Yukiwakamaru zaboon ZIAINO ZOJIRUSHI Zoom microphone α-conversion

Sound bar of SONY, "HT-Z9F" "HT-X9000F"

2018/07/13 19:16
Japanese home appliance maker, "SONY CORPORATION" released the new product of sound bar, "HT-Z9F" and "HT-X9000F" on June 9, 2018 in Japan. In addition to the conventional channel base, "HT-Z9F" and "HT-X9000F" correspond to "Dolby Atmos" ..