"RULO" series of PANASONIC's robot vacuum cleaner, "RULO mini MC-RSC10"

Japanese home appliance maker, "PANASONIC CORPORATION" released the new product of robot vacuum cleaner, "RULO mini MC-RSC10" on February 25, 2019 in Japan.

In Japan, more than 70% of apartment houses such as condominiums are concentrated in urban areas.
When purchasing a robot cleaner, residents of apartment houses focus not only on cleaning performance but also on "compactness".
"RULO mini MC-RSC 10" has about 40% smaller area than the conventional product by placing main parts such as motors at the backward.

◆ Features of Panasonic's robotic vacuum cleaner "RULO mini MC-RSC10"

(1) Clean the narrow space securely with a compact body
"RULO mini MC-RSC 10" has a triangular shape unique to Ruro and high dust collection performance, while placing the main parts at the backward, the body size has been made compact.
This makes it possible to smoothly enter between the legs of chairs and the table.
Since it is equipped with two types of obstacle detection sensors, "Infrared sensor" and "Ultrasonic sensor", it will detect walls and obstacles and clean it thoroughly.

(2) "Sound suppression mode" installed
Panasonic's "RULO mini MC-RSC 10" has "Sound suppression mode".
Because it reduces real feeling sound by about 20% from automatic mode, it can be used with confidence in multi-family houses.

(3) Clean sensor mounted
"RULO mini MC-RSC10" carries Panasonic's unique "clean sensor".
It automatically controls power and running speed according to the amount of garbage and also attracts fine house dust of about 20 μm.

(4) Other features
· By placing the side brush and the main brush close together, it surely catches the garbage collected.
· A unique V-shaped brush gathers garbage in the center of the suction entrance and suppresses leftover.
· By rotating the main brush in the opposite to the direction of running, it also scratches the trash behind the carpet.

[Product size (mm)] 249 (width) × 249 (depth) × 92 (height)
[Product weight] 2.0 kg
[Dust collection system] Dust box type (no paper pack required)
[Dust collection volume] 0.15 L
[Charging time] About 3 hours (ambient temperature 20 degrees)
[Continuous use time] About 80 minutes (ambient temperature 20 degrees)
[Main body color] White (MC-RSC10-W)
[Price in Japan] Open price