Home theater of Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation, "Theater Black series"

Japanese home appliance maker, "Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation" released the new product of home theater, "Theater Black series" from November, 2018 in order in Japan.

Tall Boy Speaker (SP-FS52): November 2018
Book shelf speaker (SP-BS22-LR): November 2018
Center speaker (SP-C22): November 2018
Dolby Atmos Enabled Speaker (SP-T22A-LR) January 2019
Subwoofer (S-52W): November 2018

◆ Features of Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation's home theater, "Theater Black series"

A. Speaker

(1) Round cabinet for suppressing diffraction effect
"SP-FS52" "SP-BS22" "SP-C22" "SP-T22A" adopt a round cabinet which is high frequency hot pressed laminated MDF material.
By making the whole round shape, they remove the turbidity of the sound due to the diffraction effect, realizing a natural sound field.

(2) Woofer that realizes accurate bass reproduction by adopting high rigidity diaphragm
"SP-FS52" "SP-BS22" "SP-C22" is embossed in a grid pattern on the surface of the speaker cone.
This increases rigidity and reproduces bass more accurately.
Furthermore, by making a hole in the yoke of the magnetic circuit and improving the passage of air, they realize a smooth low frequency response.

(3) High-grade network adoption
"SP-FS52" adopts 8 element crossover circuit custom designed for the network.
By this, high quality sound is realized.
On the other hand, "SP-BS22" and "SP-C22" adopt a 6 element crossover circuit.

(4) Adopt 10 cm coaxial screwdriver
"SP-T22A" incorporates a 10 cm coaxial driver in a compact cabinet.
It is precisely controlled so that the phases and axes of the sounds are identical, so it reproduces very smooth sound quality faithful to the original sound.

B. Subwoofer

(1) Power supply unit realizing low noise and high power
"S-52W" adopts original developed switching power supply.
By suppressing the noise in the audible band to about 1 / 100th of the conventional product, it maximizes the performance of the amplifier section.

(2) Class D amplifier is installed
"S-52W" installs a high-efficiency wideband class D amplifier.
With high S / N design, it always realizes clear sound quality and enhances the bass's reproducibility.

[External Dimension (mm)]
SP-FS52: 210 (width) × 890 (height) × 260 (depth)
SP-BS22-LR: 180 (width) × 320 (height) × 215 (depth)
SP-C22: 460 (width) × 181 (height) × 215 (depth)
SP-T22A-LR: 180 (width) × 100 (height) × 200 (depth)
S-52W: 360 (width) × 382 (height) × 402 (depth)

SP-FS52: 11.1 kg
SP-BS22-LR: 4.2 kg (1 piece)
SP-C22: 6.2 kg
SP-T22A-LR: 1.8 kg (1 piece)
S-52W: 10.8 kg

[Reproduction frequency band]
SP-FS52: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
SP-BS22-LR: 55 Hz to 20 kHz
SP-C22: 55 Hz to 20 kHz
SP-T22A-LR: 180 Hz to 20 kHz
S-52W: 24 Hz to 1 kHz

[Price in Japan (tax excluded)]
SP-FS52: 26,880 yen
SP-BS22-LR: 26,880 yen
SP-C22: 25,380 yen
SP-T22A-LR: 29,380 yen
S-52W: 57,380 yen