Home theater sound bar system of DENON, "DHT-S316"

Japanese home appliance manufacturer, "DENON (D&M Holdings Inc.)" released the new product of home theater sound bar system, "DHT-S316" on October, 2018 in Japan.
"DHT-S316" realizes a powerful theater sound with a sound bar that adopted a slim design and an independent subwoofer.

◆ Features of Denon's home theater sound bar system "DHT-S316"

(1) Authentic theater sound rich in presence
"DHT-S316" of the sound bar system is a 2.1 ch system consisting of a 2-way 4-speaker sound bar equipped with dedicated mid-sound range and high-sound range driver units, and a wireless subwoofer.
The independent wireless subwoofer realizes a powerful theater sound.
The sound of the television that felt unsatisfactory is reborn as a clear and heavy Denon sound.

(2) Slim design that does not obstruct the TV screen
The sound bar of "DHT-S316" adopts a slim design with a height of 54 mm.
This does not obstruct the TV screen or hide the remote control receiver of the TV.

(3) Subwoofer that can be uesd without setting
Since the subwoofer of "DHT - S316" is wireless, it can be installed in any place you like.
Also, since the sound bar and subwoofer are paired in advance, you can use it immediately without setting.

(4) Compatible with Dolby Digital, DTS, AAC
Denon's "DHT-S316" supports decoding of surround audio of Dolby Digital, DTS, and AAC.
By using virtual surround technology using algorithm based on psychoacoustics, you can enjoy plenty of realistic sound.
You can switch between movie mode and music mode according to the content you watch.

(5) "Night mode" installed
"DHT-S316" of the sound bar has the "Night mode" optimum for viewing with a low volume.
It compresses the volume difference between big sound and small sound, so you can hear small sounds even if the volume is lowered.

(6) "Dialogue enhancer" function installed
Denon's "DHT-S316" has a "Dialog enhancer" function that clarifies people's voices such as news narration and movie speech.
By enabling the function, you can easily hear the voice without raising the volume.
The effect can be adjusted in three steps.

[Body size (mm)]
Sound bar: 900 (width) × 54 (height) × 83 (depth)
Subwoofer: 171 (width) × 342 (height) × 318 (depth)
[Main unit weight] Sound bar: 1.8 kg, Subwoofer: 5.2 kg
[Power Consumption] Sound Bar: 40 W, Subwoofer: 40 W
[Sound mode] Movie mode, Music mode, Night mode
[Audio input terminal] Optical digital, analog AUX (3.5 mm stereo mini jack)
[Price in Japan (tax excluded)] 32,800 yen