Sound bar of YAMAHA, "YAS-108"

Japanese home appliance manufacturer, "YAMAHA CORPORATION" released the new product of sound bar, "YAS-108" on July, 2018 in Japan.
"YAS-108" is a new model of the surround system "YAS series", and adopts a slim one-body with a built-in subwoofer.

◆ Features of Yamaha's sound bar "YAS-108"

(1) It corresponds to "DTS Virtual: X" of virtual 3D surround technology
Yamaha's sound bar "YAS-108" corresponds to "DTS Virtual: X" of virtual 3D surround technology.
With this, you can enjoy the spread of sound that is wrapped from above, in addition to the front and back and the left and right.
In addition, if you use "HOME THEATER CONTROLLER" of exclusive application, you can select 5 types of surround program (movies / TV programs / music / sports / games) at 3D surround playback and 5.1 ch virtual surround playback.

(2) Realize clear sound with 3 unit speaker
"YAS-108" has 3 units configuration with 5.5 cm full range L / R speaker, 7.5 cm built-in subwoofer, 2.5 cm tweeter, on the left and right.
In addition, it has a built-in high power amplifier of total practical maximum power 120 W (non-simultaneous drive), and it also has a highly efficient bass reflex port.
With this, clear and powerful surround is realized.
In addition, by the "Bass Extension" function of boosting the bass, rich and powerful bass playback is also possible.

(3) Convenient functions that can be used comfortably
"YAS-108" is equipped with HDMI terminal compatible with HDR video, 4K / 60p 4: 4: 4 video signal pass-through, HDCP 2.2.
By connecting to a TV or recorder compatible with the HDMI control function, it is possible to turn on the power, adjust the volume, etc.
Moreover, "Clear voice function" which makes human voice and background sound distinguishable and makes it easy to listen to dialogue and narration is carried.

(4) Music can be played back from Bluetooth compatible equipment
"YAS-108" of the sound bar is compatible with Bluetooth, it is possible to play music contents of smartphone or tablet by wireless operation.
With its own unique sound quality improvement technology "Music Enhancer", you can listen to compressed sound sources from smartphones etc. with high sound quality.
Moreover, if you install "HOME THEATER CONTROLLER" of the special application, you can perform various operations on the screen of the smartphone.

(5) Adopt stylish design
Yamaha's "YAS-108" realizes a slim one-body with a height of 53 mm.
Even if you put it in front of a flat-screen TV with a low stand, you can watch it without interrupting the screen.
It adopts a sophisticated form with semicircular on both sides of the body, it also matches TV and interior.

[Outside dimension (mm)] 890 (width) x 53 (height) x 131 (width)
[Mass] 3.2 kg
[Practical maximum output (JEITA)] Front L / R: 30 W × 2, Subwoofer: 60 W (non-simultaneous driving)
[Power consumption] 27 W
[Main body color] Black (YAS-108-B)
[Price in Japan] Open price