Sound bar of SONY, "HT-Z9F" "HT-X9000F"

Japanese home appliance maker, "SONY CORPORATION" released the new product of sound bar, "HT-Z9F" and "HT-X9000F" on June 9, 2018 in Japan.
In addition to the conventional channel base, "HT-Z9F" and "HT-X9000F" correspond to "Dolby Atmos" and "DTS: XR" which adds sound position information and movement information of sound.

◆ Features of Sony's sound bar "HT-Z9F" and "HT-X9000F"

(1) Realize surround sound rich in presence
"HT-Z9F" and "HT-X9000F" correspond to "Dolby Atmos" and "DTS: XR".
Three-dimensional stereophonic technology with the height direction added to the conventional surround sound field realizes the rich realistic sound.
It proposes the living room environment with higher sound quality, corresponding to "Dolby Atmos" and "DTS: XR" contents which are increasing with streaming service etc.

(2) Adopt Sony's own virtual surround technology
The sound bar's "HT-Z9F" and "HT-X9000F" have Sony's own "Vertical Surround Engine" and "S-Force PRO Front Surround".
With this, it realizes three-dimensional stereophonic sound with the expressive power of the height direction only with the front speaker.

(3) It corresponds to various 4K contents
Sony's "HT-Z9F" and "HT-X9000F" correspond to HDR signal pass-through in addition to 4K pass-through.
By supporting also HDR10, HLG, Dolby vision etc, you can enjoy various 4K contents.

(4) Compatible with various network functions ("HT-Z9F")
"HT-Z9F" of the sound bar corresponds to the music distribution service such as Chromecast built-in and Spotify Connect in addition to internet radio.
By operating the smartphone, you can play the music contents of the corresponding service.
Also, by talking to the smart speaker equipped with Google Assistant, you can listen to music such as streaming service from "HT-Z9F".

(5) Customized to 5.1 ch with exclusive rear speaker sold separately ("HT-Z9F")
Sony has prepared the exclusive rear speaker "SA-Z9R" sold separately for "HT-Z9F".
By connecting "SA-Z9R", it is possible to customize to a real surround environment of 5.1 ch more realistic.
If you connect the power cord, the speakers are connected wirelessly.

(6) Adopted design which is fitted to the living room ("HT-Z9F")
"HT-Z9F" is slim with a depth of about 99 mm, achieving a size easy to put in front of TV.
In addition, by using rounded corners and warm materials, it adopts a beautiful design that fits in the living space.

(7) Space saving design harmonized with the shape of the new BRAVIA ("HT-X9000F")
"HT-X9000F" adopts a design that matches the texture and shape of the new BRAVIA "X9000F series" of the 4K liquid crystal television.
It fits neatly into the space inside the stand and directs a beautiful space with no waste.

[Body size (mm)]
· HT-Z9F
Bar speaker: 1000 (width) x 64 (height) x 98 (depth) (when grill is not installed)
Subwoofer: 190 (width) × 382 (height) × 386 (depth)
· HT-X9000F
Bar speaker: 930 (width) x 58 (height) x 85 (depth)
Subwoofer: 190 (width) × 382 (height) × 387 (depth)
[Weight] HT-Z9F: 14.5 kg, HT-X9000F: 13.5 kg
[Estimated market price in Japan (tax excluded)]
HT-Z9F: around 80,000 yen, HT-X9000F: around 60,000 yen, "SA-Z9R": around 35,000 yen