80th anniversary speaker system of PIONEER, "80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET"

Japanese home appliance manufacturer, "PIONEER CORPORATION" will release the new product of speaker system, "80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET" on May 2018 in Japan.
Pioneer celebrated its 80th anniversary on January 1 this year.
"80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET" is a model commemorating the 80th anniversary of the small book shelf type speaker system "Micro Evolution One" developed by "Pioneer's subsidiary, "Technical Audio Devices Laboratories".

■ Features of Pioneer's speaker system "80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET"

(1) "ROSE GOLD" of the image color is adopted
"80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET" which is a limited model is finished with skilled craftsmen taking time carefully.
ROSE GOLD "which is the image color of the 80th anniversary model limited, is coloring on TAD's brand plate and speaker trim ring.
Also, the letter of "80th Anniversary Model" is engraved on the nameplate on the back of the speaker.
In addition, adopting a very small baffle which minimized the refraction of sound, the enclosure is finished with fine quality piano black paint.
Speaker stand dedicated to the 80th anniversary model is also painted on the piano black, in accordance with the enclosure.

(2) "9 cm CST driver" that reproduces natural spreading is installed
"80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET" which is the 80th anniversary model of "Micro Evolution One" is equipped with "9 cm CST driver".
"9 cm ST driver" coaxially arranges the midrange and the tweeter to match the directivity characteristics.
In addition, lightweight, highly rigid beryllium is used for the tweeter diaphragm.
Through these, it achieves a sound with excellent stability and a natural sound field over a wide band from 420 Hz to 60 kHz.

(3) 16cm Woofer with MACC diaphragm is adopted
"80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET" adopts MACC (Multi-layered Aramid Composite Cone) diaphragm which increased strength and internal loss, and 16cm Woofer.
As a result, it reproduces bass that is excellent in linearity and realizes clear middle and low frequency playback.

(4) "Bi-Directional ADS port" adopted
Pioneer's "80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET" has slit-shaped ports on both side panels of the enclosure, with openings in the front and rear.
Furthermore, by making the introduction part to the opening into a horn shape, "Bi-Directional ADS port" which drives the port smoothly and efficiently is carried.

◆Main specifications of "TAD-ME1-80" (1 piece)
[Outside dimension (mm)] 251 (width) × 411 (height) × 402 (depth)
[Weight] 20 kg
[Speaker configuration] 3 way system
[Reproduction frequency band] 36 Hz to 60 kHz
[Crossover frequency] 420 Hz, 2.5 kHz
[Output sound pressure level] 85 dB (2.83 V · 1 m)
[Maximum input] 150 W
[Price of speaker system (tax excluded)] 1,300,000 yen