Digital cordless answering telephone of Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan Corporation, "TF-FA75"

Japanese home appliance maker, "ONKYO CORPORATION" released the new product of digital cordless answering telephone, "TF-FA75" on February, 2018 in Japan.
The "TF - FA 75" series is sold as a pioneer brand and consists of two types, "TF-FA75S" and "TF-FA75W".
"TF-FA75S" is a model that adopts a cordless receiver, "TF-FA75W" is a set of cordless receiver and one child unit.

◆ Features of Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan Corporation's digital cordless answering telephone "TF-FA75"

(1) "Clearly loud volume" function dedicated buttons are installed
Pioneer's "TF-FA75S" and "TF-FA75W" carry a "Clearly loud volume" function dedicated button.
If you press a button during a call, the voice of the other party from the handset unit will increase.
Furthermore, since high tones are emphasized, the other party's voice becomes easy to hear.

(2) Simple, high-quality design adopted
The new product "TF-FA75" series of digital cordless answering telephone adopts a simple, high-quality design.
Moreover, since it is based on black, it will harmonize with various interior.

(3) Various nuisance phone prevention function installed
· Automatic guard function
The "TF-FA75" series has an automatic guard function.
When a call is received from a number not registered in the phonebook, a message that the call will be recorded will be sent to the other party.
In addition, if the other party does not disconnect even if it sends a message, it will ring a special ringing tone to urge the attention to you.
· Reliable lamp function
Pioneer's "TF-FA75S" and "TF-FA75W" are equipped with a "safety lamp" that can notify incoming calls from the other party registered in the phone book with flashing light.
Since you can check incoming calls from registered families and acquaintances etc. at a glance, even children and elderly people can answer the phone with security.
· The other party confirmation function
"TF-FA75" of the digital cordless answering telephone can send a message confirming the name of the other party before taking the handset.
After checking the voice of the other party, go out to the phone or push the button, you can send a refusal message and turn off the phone automatically.
· Free dial guard function
Pioneer's "TF-FA75S" and "TF-FA75W" send a message without a ringing tone when a free dial arrives, and can automatically disconnect the phone.

[Body size (mm)]
Body (Main unit): 183 (width) × 63 (height) × 188 (depth)
(Cordless receiver part: 48 (width) × 178 (height) × 27 (depth))
Slave unit: 48 (width) × 180 (height) × 31 (depth)
Body (Main unit): about 490 g (cordless receiver part: about 150 g)
Slave unit: Approx 150 g
[Color] Black (TF-FA75S-B, TF-FA75W-B)
[Price in Japan] Open price