Japanese home appliance maker, "SONY CORPORATION" will release the new product of the LCD TV, "BRAVIA KJ-32W500E" and "BRAVIA KJ-24W450E" on September 9, 2017 in Japan.
It is equipped with high image quality technology that brings out a natural sense of detail to the image and can be conveniently recorded and played simply by connecting an external hard disk (sold separately).

[Feature 1] High image quality technology that brings natural definition to images
The new products of the BRAVIA series, "KJ-32W500E" and "KJ-24W450E" are equipped with the "Clear resolution enhancer" that reproduces images with less noise, with a natural hue.
You can enjoy images such as digital terrestrial broadcasting with detailed, depthy expressions.

[Features 2] Various recording functions
"KJ-32W500E" and "KJ-24W450E" can record TV programs simply by connecting a separately sold USB hard disk (HDD).
They support the hard disk up to 6 TB.
We can prepare dedicated hard disk for each family and enjoy dedicated program collection.

① Corresponding to counterprogram recording
Even while watching a program, it can record other TV programs in same time.
You can also record the program you are viewing as it is, or you can easily make a recording reservation from BRAVIA's electronic program guide (EPG).

② Auto chapter function
The new LCD TVs of Sony, "KJ-32W500E" and "KJ-24W450E" are equipped with the "Auto chapter" function" that automatically breaks programs by around the CM and switching scenes.
While watching, you can skip chapters with the "Next" button on the remote control or return to the beginning of the chapter with the "Previous" button.

③ Quick-play function
"Quick-play" function which can watch the program in a short time is carried.
When you press and hold the play button, you can play back at a speed of 1.3 times with audio flowing, and you can watch the program in a short time.

④ Genre search function
"KJ-32W500E" and "KJ-24W450E" have a "Genre search reservation" function that makes it easy to find the program you want to record.
You can reserve the program you want to record as after narrowing down broadcasting scheduled programs to each genres.

【Feature 3】 Various functions to make it easier to use

① Channel Pong
The new products of BRAVIA, "KJ-32W500E" and "KJ-24W450E" correspond to "Channel Pong".
Power is turned on with channel buttons (number buttons) on the remote control, so you can watch the program you want to watch immediately.

② Clear voice function
"Clear voice function" which can make it easier to hear when sound is difficult to hear is carried.
Since it can be easily turned on / off with one button on the remote control, it can be used properly depending on the content and the scene.

【Body size (mm)】 (including stand)
· BRAVIA KJ-32W500E: 727 (width) × 455 (height) × 165 (depth)
· BRAVIA KJ-24W450E: 558 (width) × 368 (height) × 147 (depth)
【Weight of main unit】
· BRAVIA KJ-32W500E: 5.3 kg (including stand)
· BRAVIA KJ-24W450E: 4.2 kg (including stand)
【Power consumption】
· BRAVIA KJ-32W500E: 68 W
· BRAVIA KJ-24W450E: 40 W
【Tuner】 Terrestrial · BS · 110 degree CS digital double tuner
【Speaker】 Full range × 2 (2 ch)
【Market anticipated price in Japan (tax excluded)]
· BRAVIA KJ-32W500E: around 55,000 yen
· BRAVIA KJ-24W450E: around 45,000 yen