Japanese home appliance maker, "ZOJIRUSHI CORPORATION" will release the new product of the oven toaster, "KONGARI CLUB ET-GM30" on September 1, 2017 in Japan.
ET-GM30 adopts "Big & Wide Storage" where 4 toasts can be burnt at the same time.
You can also bake pizza of 25 cm in diameter or gratin dishes up to three at once.

ET-GM30 has 5 heaters (2 upper and 3 lower) of 1300 W.
It is possible to control temperature from 80 degrees to high temperature 250 degrees, and it can be used in various cooking such as pizza and gratin etc.
In addition, it has a digital timer that can be adjusted up to 30 minutes, and it also supports menus that require time for cooking.

"KONGARI CLUB ET-GM30" is a microcomputer type oven toaster and it is possible to automatically adjust the temperature simply by selecting a course.
Seven courses of "Toast" "Frozen Toast" "Saku Huwa Toast" "Pizza" "Frozen Pizza" "Fried Food Warm" "Roll Bread Warm" are prepared.
If you choose the "Saku Huwa Toast" course, ET-GM30 will bake bread carefully in a temperature zone where it will not burn the surface.
This makes it possible to finish the crispy surface and soften inside.

【Body size (mm)】 395 (width) × 225 (height) × 345 (depth)
【Body weight】 About 5 kg
【Body color】 mat black
【Price in Japan】 Open price